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Based in Sunderland here at Pet Personnel we have over 15 years experience working and caring for animals from the furred and feathered to the scaled and beyond! We offer a specialised service tailored to you and your pets needs.

We offer all weather dog walking from westies to great danes we cater to all great and small any breed any size any age any temprament with walkes designed around your dog's individual needs.

Going away for a few days? Worried about leaving your pet overnight? No problem! With a full range of affordable services ranging from short visits to longer stays your pet will be well cared for while you are away.


Problem pooch? Not for us we can help you with correcting any behavioural issues from mild fear to severe aggression. No problem too big or small.


Holistic therapies can offer a great deal of releif and help your pet and we now offer dog massage and complimentery treatments.


Dog or cat overweight? Vet giving you "the look"? Our weight management plans can help you help your pet get trim and slim.

Pooch Picnic 24th Aug 14 (32).jpg
Queen Lizzy.jpg
Pooch Picnic 22nd June 14 (47).jpg
Loki Kit 12th August 14 (3).jpg
Dee 20th November 14.jpg
Colin 21st July 14 (4).jpg
Beth Ted 1st October 14 (2).jpg
Astro 28th July 14 (4).jpg
Jet & Kit 16th May 14 (6).jpg
Pooch Picnic 24th Aug 14 (32).jpg
Ted 27th June 14 (3).jpg
Pack Picnic 24th March 14 (2).jpg
Ted 14th March 14.jpg
Pug Posse 6th Feb 14 (4).jpg
Kit 29th April 14 (1).jpg
Buster 1st April14 (3).jpg
Bobby Ted Layla 28th April 14 (2).jpg
Meg 14th Feb 14.jpg
Boxers 7th March 14 (3).jpg
Kali Dec 13 Jan 14 (1).jpg
Bessie 29th may 13 (2).jpg
3 Amigos 10th June 13 (3).jpg
Blondie  Meg 12th Feb 14.jpg
Kali &Hendrix 31st Jan 14.jpg
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